Release from the National Film Board of Canada

THE PLANT is a light-hearted fantasy about a gentle soul who falls victim to his own kindness.

The film opens with a young man who discovers, to his surprise, a small green plant pushing up through the snow on his front lawn. Delighted with his find he lovingly takes it inside and replants it.

But this is no ordinary plant. It rejects rejection and demands attention. It reacts violently to cigarette smoke, and delights in music. It dances to the flute, poses for the camera and grows and grows and grows.

Soon it becomes evident that the plant has found a home. In fact it takes over. It drinks wine, turns on the radio, plays the fiddle, inhabits the television, and stops the clock.

Then just when the young man seems to have restored calm and order, the real take-over begins...

A film without words, skillfully combining animation and live-action.

13 minutes long

Co-writer and Director of Animation: Joyce Borenstein

Camera and direction: Thomas Vamos

Starring: Ghyslain Tremblay

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada

Available from the NFB