“Captivating and comprehensive... Extremely valuable for divorced parents and their children, for their teachers and for professionals who work with or treat them.” Dr. Gabrielle Weiss, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia.

“Our team of mediators and experts... were unanimously positive, that the video is of exceptional quality both in terms of its content and artistry.” Lorraine Filion, Social Worker, Director of Mediation and Expertise Services, Superior Court of Quebec at Montreal, Youth Centers of Montreal.

Danny’s parents’ divorce sparked nightmares of being abandoned by his mom. Adrianne was relieved because her parents stopped fighting. Lauren felt guilty, thinking she may have caused her parents’ separation. Jeffrey wished his parents could get back together. Annie was angry that her step-dad imposed so many household rules.

ONE DIVIDED BY TWO focuses on 13 young people (aged 8 to 18) whose parents have divorced. The video brings an original approach to the subject: animation takes over where live footage stops, moving beyond it – describing the heightened feelings, dreams, hopes and memories triggered by divorcing parents, and uncovering the lyricism and humour of otherwise painful events.

ONE DIVIDED BY TWO is an excellent discussion starter, helping parents understand what their children are experiencing and showing kids they are not alone. A study guide accompanies the video.

24 minutes long, available in English and French, DVD and Video.

Director, animator, and producer: Joyce Borenstein

Laura, Paul and Annie’s stories written by Edeet Ravel

Consultant Psychotherapist: Rhona Bezonsky-Jacobs

Produced by Illumination Magique Inc. (Illumination Animation) with the participation of SODEC, Quebec Tax Credit Programme, Canada Council, NFB, CIFVF, Vision TV, and CFCF TV.

ONE DIVIDED BY TWO: KIDS AND DIVORCE is sold on the condition that this video is for personal use and/or will be shown free of charge in a classroom or similar institutional setting. It cannot be used for paid or theatrical showings or broadcast. Please contact Illumination Animation for any additional use as required.

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