Your film about Lida Moser is wonderful, and informed with the special magic true of all your films. Your animation lives so seamlessly and with such warm affection for a photographer in love with her work and with life. You made all of us happy last night.

- Robert Verrall, Producer Emeritus NFB


This film is truly a work of art.  The combination of Borenstein’s imaginative animation and Moser’s engrossing photographs of rural Quebec in the 1950’s in this 26 minute film, is as inspiring and pleasurable experience as a whole afternoon spent in your favorite museum.  And there’s a bonus! Borenstein’s personal narration. She is a member of the anglophone minority living in francophone Quebec. Through their art, both she and New York photographer Moser,  develop a deep appreciation and admiration for the people and culture of Quebec. This film is an affirmation of the dictum that art  is a universal way to build bridges between human beings.

- Beverly Shaffer, Documentary Filmmaker

What a marvellous film Joyce, thank you for this homage to Lida Moser, a great photographer. Thank you for your passion for animation, and for your outstanding masterpiece about our collective memories. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for this film filled with your spirit, your talent and your courage to show the beauty of Quebec's cultural heritage and especially to celebrate the enormous contribution of Lida Moser. The film is also an homage to the female viewpoint and consequently it is told with great delicacy.

- Martine Chartrand, Animation Filmmaker

You won your bet : you have made a magnificent film!! I really appreciated the two versions, the English version for its fluidity and the French version for its charm. The rhythm, the music of Jean-Olivier Bégin, and the whole sound environment : WOW it really works. The film has a very beautiful spirit. I appreciate particularly the different levels in the film, the intimate facet, the social angle, the historic, the bridging of two cultures - French Catholic and English Jewish. It is a film that is very rich!!

- Dominique Sicotte, Film Editor


I have seen so much photography the last few years that it's hard to get a rise out of me. However the story of the trip and Lida's love affair with Quebec, touches a chord that has not been played here in some time now. Which I was not expecting. Courageous, human, and sincere on your part.

- Daniel Hausmann, Photographer

I loved your film. It was so lyrical to watch. Your voice, the music, the animation and her incredible photos woven into that beautiful tapestry. The children with angels was one of our favourite parts but there were so many others imprinted on us as well. What a wonderful piece you've created.

- Katherine Muller, Interior Designer

Bravo! We really enjoyed the loving whimsy of your animations and learning about the wonderful story of a woman's passion for her art, as well as seeing her beautiful photos of 1950's Quebec. The way you wove  in your personal connections to Lida Moser really served to make the film more affecting to the audience.

- Amelia Sargisson, Actor

Maria and I want to thank you for inviting us to the  screening of your wonderful film on Monday evening. Your depiction of that 1950's road trip was masterful, not only in portraying Ms. Moser's iconic photographs but in capturing the feeling of rural Quebec in those days. The film  is incomparably subtle and whimsical .......we  would have expected nothing less from a "Borenstein".

- Michael Esar, Architect

The film filled me with emotion. I found that you succeeded in covering all the angles of this beautiful, rich and profound adventure. And the film really works to peak my interest, to go deeper into many aspects touched upon by the film. All is so beautiful and filled with respect and love. You succeeded in conveying this. I wish the film success and long life. A resounding congratulations!!

- Marie-Claude Jarry, Lawyer